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Remain Dystopian

by Maruta

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Miami deathgrind maniacs Maruta return to the fold with their Relapse debut Remain Dystopian, their most punishing and focused album to date. Recorded in various studios including drums with Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull and vocals with Torche's Jonathan Nuñez,Remain Dystopian is a vicious, 17 song blast of relentless and infectious death metal infused grindcore. Featuring guest vocals from the legendary Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates, Disfear) and Pig Destroyer's J.R. Hayes plus layers of noise from Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Jay Randall, Remain Dystopian raises the bar for what 21st century grind can accomplish!


released June 2, 2015

Relapse Records 2015



all rights reserved


Maruta Miami, Florida

Mitchell Luna :
Eduardo Borja :
Mauro Cordoba:
Daniel Morris :

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Track Name: Genocide Interval
Populous reduced to nothing, dispersed within the iron grid

Scattered remnants, human collateral

In disarray embrace your ill fate

Inverted landscapes bleed poison back into our crumbling network

An infrastructure with no foundation

Poisoned seeds buried

Germinating this cancer

Born unto this earth, progenitors of extinction


Obliteration imminent

Purveyors of extinction

This self induced cycle of desolation.

An interval of genocide orchestrated by our very own hands
Track Name: Hope Smasher
With no prospects left, devoid of aspiration

We remain stagnant

Chained down to the bottom of class division, a rigged system

by those who construct the code for their benefit

A fixed order

Spread in fragments at the bottom

Bereft of all hope, no future

Become the engine

The foundation

Bodies into data

Data into profit



To obtain the intangible, forever a futile endeavor

Bereft of all hope


Herein lies our directive: to serve

Unwillingly, and unaware of our masters

Into regression, there is no salvation

Marching forward, a nation in narcosis

Forever Dystopian

Relinquish control to the great machine

Enslaved by you hope smasher

Profit off famine, and off disease

Enslaved by you hope smasher

This is desperation, this is exasperation
Track Name: The Void Within
A man with no code

Honor lies absent

Cultivate chaos, induced turmoil, hubris

A man with no code

Devoid of ethic

No moral restraints

Revel in disdain, malice

Entwined within the void inside

Entropy flowing deep through the bloodstream, reluctant

Volatile reality, lunacy and self-loathing to fill the void within

Consumed in ethanol

Self-inflicted misery is what fuels this machine

A life deprived of empathy

This is inevitable

Isolation eternal

The path chosen
Track Name: Minimal Progress
Minimal progress

To fail nonstop yet endure and remain

Sutures torn open

Draining the wound

A pinion in the engine

Teeth scraping gears

Suffer for the machine in hopes to gain prosperity

To aspire

Towards the monolith we migrate

Minimal progress
Track Name: Protocol For Self Immolation
Engulfed in flames, this is my last testament

Inhale the blaze, sinews form into ash

My declaration, drenched in kerosene I ignite

Protocol for self immolation

A rebirth in fire, to slowly transcend

The glory of martyrdom

Post mortem Idolatry

Phoenix ascends, phoenix reborn

Entropy consumes. The body burns

Only charred scraps of human remain

Forever engrained in your memory
Track Name: Absolutist
Lust for control in a domain where ethics can be bought

Illusion of wealth surpasses morality

In control of those who govern

Automaton of corruption for the grand syndicate

Genetic modification, corexit

Blatant disregard

Absolutist, bleed the earth

Sovereign deceiver
Track Name: Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth (Featuring Tomas Lindberg)
This is where I endlessly stride

No refuge, march perpetually

Cursed to walk this scorched earth for miles

This is where I endlessly stride

Bear the weight perpetually

No retrogress

Drag the weight, forge ahead

Impoverished and desolate

This terrain is my burden

Ceaseless march in solitude, as bone scrapes cartilage

Flesh against granite

To roam scorched earth with dust filled lungs


Condemned to march


Quarantine unending

Forever stride alone

Through this scorched earth
Track Name: Submergence aka Barren Oceans Of Infinity
Exist as a conduit of disdain and aversion

Submergence deep within these barren oceans

Rotting away, barren sea

In dominion of vast emptiness

Cognition removed

Plummet into spiral downward trajectory

Revert back into feral state

This is where nothing is absolute

Sanity dismantled

Drown deep within the psyche

Lucidity removed

I decline alone, misbegotten by my own mind

Cognition removed, infinity is my prison
Track Name: Erode (Featuring J.R. Hayes)
The slow decay

Slipping from my grasp

I sit and watch you disintegrate

A world of shit that you manifested

Dissipate within these walls you built

Existence within the iron box

Rust consumes, breathe in oxidation

Over, and over, and over again

Metallic shards ripping away at your lungs as you rot away

In seclusion I watch you erode

From Safe distance

Watching you bleed over, and over, and over again
Track Name: Stand In Defeat
Standing in a pool of my own cruor

Where tears, piss, and gloom coalesce

Knee deep and immobile

I stand and watch in anguish

I cannot advance to you

No good outcome to derive from this

Fixation on the negative

Wash it away with sulphur

Scraped bare to the bone, and ground in to dirt

Purged, empty

Boy with hollow eye sockets anchored down with nails of lead

Moth with torn wings

Fading, unable to lament

All is lost and obscured

Standing in defeat

Fixation on the negative

I wait for the end

So distant, I cannot advance

I pray for the end
Track Name: Remnants Of Failed Utopia
Relinquishing your halcyon throne

Possessions stripped, odeals disintegrate

Utopia rots away as the vultures pick away at the heaps of remnants

This era of true desperation

Where wealth has absolutely no value

Spawn of past autocrats

Inbred opulence

Stannic tower rusts and collapses

Your life in the hands of peasants

Indisposed and famished servants now become the master

Gaze upon the burning remnants of a failed utopia
Track Name: I, Usurper
I, the usurper

Desecrate this domain

Taking your life with no Penance, no Guilt

Violated, helpless

I take from you with no regret

Empty cold hands


I deceive you with no remorse

Driving this scalpel into your back

I, usurper
Track Name: Durandal
From deep stasis I resurface

Durandal shall guide me and I shall follow

To serve the constructs will to no end
Track Name: Psalm For The Withered
Suffer without purpose

A struggle that remains endless

Withered and downtrodden

Helpless and incoherent

Unsystematic thought process conducting your every action

Unstable, misbegotten

You are simply a machine programmed to grieve

Maraud those devoted to you

A slave to your own cloak of lunacy

This is not your misdeed

Your program condemns you to endure a lifetime of alienation

Failed to cope with the grand system

Face social rejection

A psalm for the withered

Derelict confined to the streets
Track Name: Return To Zero
This is where all becomes nothing

No slate to wipe clean

Absolute nullity

Return to zero

Protein stripped from flesh

Entrails dispersed within monochrome supernova

No beginning, no end

This is zero

This is where I choose to remain
Track Name: Slaying Jehova
The rejection of your doctrine is my sole purpose for existing

In this chamber, I am grand architect

Disproving your ideals grants me solace

Bedlam erupts when the flock has no master

Futile attempts are made to reinterpret invalid rites

To no longer walk amongst wolves, but to dwell amongst rats

A harsh realization
Track Name: Immune

Scar tissue over nerve endings


Wounds sealed with wire

Grieving, yet detached

No benevolence left, only antipathy

Immune to your tactics to gain sympathy for your advantage

Too numb to feel anything

Benumbed and wearied


I shall evade

Remaining detached